Early Decision Agreement Common App

The college application process can be overwhelming, with countless forms and deadlines to keep track of. One option that many students consider is applying for early decision. This means that you apply to a college earlier than the regular deadline and receive an admission decision sooner. One tool that many applicants use to apply for early decision is the Common Application, which allows you to apply to multiple colleges using one application. In this article, we`ll be talking specifically about the early decision agreement on the Common App.

First, let`s define what early decision is. When you apply for early decision, you are committing to attend that college if you are accepted. Early decision is binding, which means that if you are accepted, you are obliged to attend regardless of any other offers you may receive. This is why it`s important to carefully consider your options before deciding to apply early decision. You also cannot apply early decision to multiple colleges – you can only apply to one.

Now let`s talk about the early decision agreement on the Common App. When you apply for early decision using the Common App, you will be asked to agree to a set of terms and conditions. This agreement is a legally binding contract between you and the college you are applying to. By signing the agreement, you are indicating that you understand the terms of early decision and are willing to abide by them.

Some of the terms of the early decision agreement include:

– You must withdraw all other applications if you are accepted early decision

– You must attend the college if you are accepted early decision, unless you cannot afford to do so

– You must notify the college of your decision by a specific deadline

– You understand that the college may revoke your acceptance if you do not comply with the terms of the agreement

It`s important to read the early decision agreement carefully before signing it. If you`re not sure about any of the terms, you should consult with a guidance counselor or college admissions advisor. Once you sign the agreement, you are bound by its terms.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all colleges offer early decision through the Common App. Some colleges use their own early decision application or have their own agreement that you will need to sign. Be sure to check the requirements for each college you are applying to.

In conclusion, applying for early decision can be a good option for some students, but it`s important to understand the terms and implications of doing so. The early decision agreement on the Common App is a legally binding contract that you should read carefully and understand fully before signing. If you have any questions or concerns, don`t hesitate to seek guidance from a professional. Good luck with your college applications!